Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blast from the ruxpin past

i was doing a rediculous assignment for my cog pysch class on conspiracy theories with talking toys--basically, silly research the professor didn't want to do. i grumbled the whole way through the assignment because, let's face it, searching haphazardly on the internet does not generally produce appealing results.

anyhow, in the midst of my search for malfunctioning talking toys i stumbled across teddy ruxpin. i felt at once like i had been reunited with a long-lost friend. all my memories of this wonderful bear involve my childhood pal emily. apparently teddy is making a comeback, which you can view on his own personal website. and he too has gone digital. who knew?
mom, does this take you straight back to the tollgate house and my tall red bookshelf?

from my research i have concluded that children's ears were much safer back when the talking doll could only say what the cassette tape in its back permitted. anyone else remember teddy ruxpin and all his story-telling magic? brandon doesn't recall him at all!


Maryann said...

It totally remember him! It turned out one of my classmates in high school was the son of Teddy's inventor! They had a color-changing fountain in the driveway to their mansion.

loverstreet said...

if i too was the inventor of the ruxbin i would make a color-changing fountain priority #1.
glad you remember him also.

Anonymous said...

My little sister had a Teddy Ruxpin, and I had a Cricket. I remember the Christmas morning I got her. That was the first year I cried over a present. Happy tears, I mean.

Now I find them kinda creepy.

Anonymous said...

Did you sell Teddy on Craigslist? Do you miss him? I miss you! Love, Mom