Sunday, April 27, 2008

chock-full of goodness

yesterday we had a FULL day... full of great things, that is!

in the morning we participated in the family housing yard sale and made some good money (the amount my plane ticket to seattle is--exactly to the dollar!). we couldn't have asked for a better day to sit out on our porch selling off our trinkets. we were astonished by the things that we considered junk that other people bought up in hoards! two little old ladies told me we had the best stuff they have ever seen at a yard sale--and that was their impression of our rejected belongings. :)

we also sold a couple of things on ebay. and then i took in a ziplock bag of change thinking it might be $25 bucks--try $57! brandon is teasing me that i have been infiltrated by the overstreet "wheeler & dealer" way of life. frankly, i have been on a roll with selling off our stuff on ebay, craigslist, and now our yard sale. i am just wanting to have as little to move as we can get away with.

we also had a little going away party that (most) of our friends were able to make it to. it was a blast and we probably broke rules i am supposed to be enforcing... oh well! here are some of the photos:

me, my big hair, and cassia fox--my favorite bagel shop friend (er, second favorite).

matt & becky--we owe them full credit for getting us the jobs in jackson!

it got a little chilly outside so amber had to sport the northwest socks and chacos look we all despise (but occasionally have to succumb to).

john, myself, and amber: mesmerized by the characters that were in attendance.

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andreaschumaker said...

I'm sad we couldn't be there! Stupid Sickness!! We want to take you out for dinner before you leave though so ummm yeah!