Friday, April 18, 2008

going nowhere

the title of this post might be a bit dramatic, but it mirrors the way both brandon and i are feeling at this point. we found out for sure today that neither of us got in to any of the graduate schools we applied to. hmm. where did we go wrong? both of us heard from a couple of the schools that we were top choices but because of money or advisor complications they couldn't admit us. at this point, those condolences aren't feeling too warm and fuzzy.
while the news restricts us from the original plans we had of going to graduate school, it also opens the possibilities to nearly limitless. this is equally exciting and overwhelming. if you have ideas for how we should spend our next year, please don't hesitate to share them!
thanks also for being understanding of our potential grumpiness as we sort through these unfun feelings of rejection. it will all work out and we know that, but we would just like to know where to begin.

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