Monday, April 21, 2008

help us choose: a or b?

this weekend we have been talking over our options for the next year and thus far have the following scenarios:

option a:
1) work in jackson until end of august
2) travel through europe september through october (places on list: spain, italy, austria, greece, turkey, & possibly albania)
3) come back to central oregon and try to find work in mid-october, living in bend
4) get a dog

option b:
1) work in jackson through october
2) retake GRE (the worst part of this plan)
3) spend november and december living in central oregon, preparing graduate applications and being with family (work???)
4) post-christmas pack up for a month+ in south america (places on list: peru, chile, & argentina)
or the carribean (places on list: st. lucia, jamaica, wherever will & andrea are placed with the peace corps...)
5) return to an abundance of graduate admissions letters :)

either way, things are looking pretty fun for us this coming year. we are trying to embrace the opportunity to travel and live the young, irresponsible life. in the comments section of this post, leave your vote about which option we should choose!


Erik Helleson said...

Erik chooses option B...they both sound sweet though...and as far as places to travel I would pick South America

Maryann said...

I'm probably going to re-take the GRE too... :(
My instinct said option a, mostly because of the dog and the traveling and the Bend. But option b sounds good too! South America, wow. I'm not really any help. :)

Steven said...

I'm most likely to be of no help. I see positives and negatives in both, but option A has a dog. If grad school is where you're both feeling, then go with B. I can circular reason my way out of anything.

loverstreet said...

once we get back from s. america we plan to get a dog then also--i just failed to add that item to the list.