Wednesday, April 9, 2008

here comes the roadie

about a month ago my bike got stolen right from in front of our house. i was really angry until i realized we have renter's insurance and therefore a new bike was in my future. the big check came this week and i drug my sick self down to the shop to buy the bike i had had my eye on.
it is exciting in many ways, but it is also a moment where i find my foot located in my mouth. you see, since meeting brandon i have been anti-road bikes because that is the way mountain bikers have to be. but now i am the proud owner of one. i should specify that i am not a complete roadie just yet, as i bought a cyclocross bike. much different. :)
join me in welcoming jake, the newest member of our budding gear family:i'm hoping to be back to being the healthy version of lindsey tomorrow morning so i can ride my new bike to work in style.

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