Tuesday, September 2, 2008

add to the resume

yesterday was a gloriously chaotic day on the river and i loved every second of it. normally i have to work in town on mondays, but on this labor day i was needed on the river because we were short-staffed. the morning ticked by at a snail's pace until we got a call that a 40' log was stuck across the river, blocking boaters from getting through. megan and i investigated and we made the call to close the river until this hazard could be removed (well actually we told our boss to make that call, but we influenced his decision).

brandon happened to be working on the fire engine and they offered to come help us cut the log out. they came down with the chainsaw, we fitted them up with pfds and tied them to a safety rope, and the cutting began. they cut the root ball off the tree and we assumed the tree would then break free and float away. no such luck as it was royally stuck. they then began working to pry the tree out by using the leverage of another tree. eventually it broke free and floated down river.

the man with the chainsaw, chip, got onto the search and rescue jet boat and they followed the tree downriver where it got stuck for a second time. they then cut the tree into four pieces and let those float away to meet their fate in the reservoir.

chip and brandon sizing up the task at hand

needless to say, this was a very exciting day and i loved having an important task to help with. however, the best part of the day was that the photo i took made it onto the cover (that's right, the COVER!) of the jackson hole daily paper. you can read the story and see the photo here. that means that i can modify my resume to include "professional photographer" as i was getting paid while taking those photos. not a bad gig!

you can check out all the photos on our picassa album which is a new photo album program we set up for sharing our pics. (the link is now also on our sidebar under "more photos".)


AndreaandWill said...

First of all you're going to Costa Rica!!!! How freaking AWESOME is that! When are you leaving??? I wanted to comment on the fact that Will was indeed wearing the jacket you helped him purchase in Spokane! That just tops it all off doesn't it! :) We wern't hunkered down eating the noodles however they came in handy becuase we were contained in a room for about 36 hours without a hole lot of food so thank goodness you sent us some- those noodles were way better than I remember- that or I'm just getting desperate for familiar food ;) We miss you uoll eap (a lot) too! Have a fantastic time in Costa Rica! We love and miss you both!

AndreaandWill said...

p.s why the freak did they cut Brandon out of the picture for the newspaper?? GRRRRRR...!