Monday, September 15, 2008

who is this man?

the passage of my brother ross into full-on adulthood seems impossible. but here he is celebrating 18 years of life and i must face the reality that my little brother isn't so little anymore.

my memories of him as a child:
  • loving to sing (often the incorrect lyrics)
  • claiming the entire middle seat in our mini-van
  • spending hours spiking his hair (for third grade!)
  • getting deep joy out of eating sushi
  • building snow huts in our yard until his lips were blue

what i know of him as a man:

  • his thoughtfulness--always considering what would make those around him truly happy
  • offering witty, clever commentary of our world (& our complicated family)
  • living in the moment he is in
  • giving his best to school, sports, and his friendships
  • having courageous goals of becoming a helicopter pilot
  • still getting deep joy out of eating sushi

ross, you amaze me. i am so proud of you and who you have chosen to become.

happy birthday rossco!

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