Thursday, February 5, 2009

photo update

we've been enjoying going to my brothers' basketball games.  this week rodney got to play in both the jv and varsity games.  he did really well and is one of the few guys on his team willing to get in the middle of the pack for the rebound.  
(yes, rodney does have two full arms, but this photo he was moving so quickly it looks like he may be an amputee.)

and harvey has been keeping us busy, insisting we entertain him with constant ball throwing or kicking.  he is puppy through and through...  this week he had his "surgery" so we are supposed to be making him be quiet and still.  those directions haunt me, how on earth can we make that happen?  he bounced back from the anesthesia quicker than any other puppy they had seen at the clinic, according to the vet tech.  we are not surprised--this crooked eared guy doesn't do anything slowly.
last week we took harvey cross-country skiing with us.  we went into tumalo falls, which is about a 5 mile ski round-trip.  that was the only thing that wore harvey out, but he only slept for about an hour and then was up and ready for more games.  
yesterday we drove over to salem to spend the day with my grandma, who is in the hospital.  she is having a variety of problems, most of which point to the fact that she probably shouldn't be living alone any longer.  she is so strong for 91, yet there are too many risks.  they are keeping her in the hospital to figure out why she keeps blacking out and to figure out what they can do for her back.  i am very grateful for my uncles ron and john who are keeping watch of her. 

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