Friday, April 10, 2009

darn those salmon

so it's not really the salmon i guess--i love salmon!  but the verdict from the vet was that harvey had/has salmon poisoning disease, which if left untreated can quickly become fatal.  ross and his friend and i took a trip over the mountains to go fishing along the umpqua and in lincoln city.  while we were along the umpqua harvey found two salmon skeletons and went nuts--the thought he had woke up in heaven with all that fishy goodness.  likely, it was these remains that caused him to be so sick.

i felt like brandon disapproved of me taking him to the vet, but he wasn't home with harvey looking at him with eyes that pleaded for relief.  the vet asked the right questions and got down to the bottom of the situation quickly.  apparently the incubation period is about 7 days, which has been exact for harvey.  the vet was also surprised that we identified that something was majorly wrong so quickly; therefore, this time my overreacting paid off because we spared harvey from undue misery and potential much worse.  he is starting to feel better and back to his ball-chasing, tail-waging ways.  thank goodness for antibiotics!


mommarazzi said...

Our friend's golden retriever had the same thing happen. They almost lost him. It took awhile for him to regain the weight he had lost.

I'm happy that you guys are going to have your buddy around for many more adventures.

Lyssa said...

Way to go Linds! You did the right thing :) Whether your "child" is a human or a canine I don't think you can beat a mother's intuition. Even if it costs money or gas or whatever. Brandon is silly.

I'm so so happy to hear Harvey is getting back to himself :D we miss you guys!