Wednesday, April 22, 2009

last month's pics

at the end of march, i got in the car with my brother ross, his friend christian, and harvey.  we made the rounds through parts of oregon we rarely frequent: ana lake in the klamath basin, diamond lake gas station (which is open through the winter thankfully), the umpqua river, newport, and lincoln city.  i had a lot of time to kill as ross and christian fished their hearts out.  the only photos i managed to get were at ana lake though as it rained everywhere else.  

ana lake has its own kind of beauty: the eastern oregon, unpopulated beauty of a place i might like to explore but could not realistically see myself living.  a place i could however take lots of pictures.  here are a few...

prior to this trip, harvey would not could not step foot in water.  when ross and christian were out in the lake though he HAD to be with them, so he put his anti-water policy aside in favor of being near these two.
a random spiraling plant that made me long for the silver ferns of new zealand.  
there were quite a few old, dilapidated structures in the area around the lake that made for interesting angles and shots.  i could have spent the entire day taking pictures, but harvey was interrupting the boys and their fish so i had other obligations.

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Renae said...

You are great at taking photos...what were you talking about with me needing to teach you! Although, I would like to so that we could get together...but maybe we could just catch up! It's a long time coming! Maybe we'll be in the same state someday again!