Tuesday, August 18, 2009

books, how i love, wait... loathe, thee.

generally i love books.  i love the excitement of opening a new book.  i love relishing in the pride that comes from finishing an especially great one.  i love to have shelves full of books.  

currently, i loathe the mounds of paper and words that now adorn my bookcase and are in route via ups.  $743.22 worth of books i had to buy for the term.  major ouch.  

i had to purchase a DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)--which makes me equally giddy and anxious.  this it the holy word of both social work and psychology, to be revered as sacred and only read by those qualified enough to apply the diagnosis.  having it as required reading suggests that i am on the path to being in the fold of those who are permitted to do so.  

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Maryann said...

They are priviledged to have you in the program! Sorry the books cost so much, though. Ouch. Guess what? I bought danska clogs and I think of you every time I wear them. :)