Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new use for old socks

harvey got hurt this past week. while playing soccer in a friend's yard we noticed profuse amounts of blood in the snow. turns out harvey cut one of his hind foot pads open. it was a straight cut, but went deep. we had a long walk home once we realized the injury, but of course, the fact that he was leaving a trail of blood didn't phase him. 

i tried to get some neosporin on there, but it didn't last long. then i put a sock over it. the sock didn't last long. hmmm. 

brandon came home and determined that his wilderness first responder training qualified him to mend up our dog. we didn't get photos of bandage #1. by the time i got home from work tonight he had chewed both ends of the bandage off. 

so tonight brandon set to cleaning out the wound and re-bandaging it. he did a much better job this time around. and we got pictures! 

as you can tell, harvey is thrilled to be constantly told "leave it" to the obnoxious bandage+sock combo. 

it doesn't help that he now has no traction on that foot and we have hardwood floors throughout. 

perhaps his favorite part of the whole ordeal is that each time he has to go outside we have to put a plastic bag over his leg. yeah, based on the looks he gives me, i am sure that is his favorite part.

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