Saturday, May 29, 2010

whatever may be

today we went for a hike with a friend from costa rica, max. unfortunately we waited until late in the afternoon, when the dark clouds started rolling in, bringing their friends "thunder" & "lightening" along. we didn't make it far up the trail before better judgment sank in & forced us to turn back. when we were about 100 feet from the car the sky opened up with pea-sized hail {ouch!}. never-the-less, it was fun to explore an area that is new to me. {brandon was there last fall with doug & liz}

pretty little flowers that required a magnifying glass {or zoom lens} to see them.
: : :
harvey has been a real pain lately. i mean a real pain. he has taken to obeying only when he feels like & barking at every leaf that has the nerve to skitter across our sidewalk. it is just a phase, but i am seriously considering bringing in the dog whisperer. anything would be better than me lately, being the antithesis of a whisperer.

i recently found a blog about the massive dog rescue in eastern oregon that happened in december. over 150 dogs were left to fend for themselves in the snowy winter, with little food or shelter. it simultaneously broke my heart {that people could be so cruel} & made me proud of the goodness of the people of the PNW {that all 150 dogs have been adopted or fostered in just 5 months!}. bonus, a social worker was the first to report the case to animal control--way to go social workers! 

a lot of the puppies looked like harvey used to, which made me get all kinds of sentimental. so despite my annoyance, here are a few of the faces of harvey:
he sneaks up on the couch when we are out of the house & during the night. 

shaking off the sleepy face. {please disregard our horribly dirty rug--we had a dog rodeo just moments before and hair was EVERYWHERE! still, gross rug there overstreets!}

he is a pro at giving me the stink-eye. apparently i annoy him equally.

check out that crocodile tear. poor guy! so emo.

one day we will have children & i will look back laughing at the fact i posted so much about our dog. oh well. btw, if any of you want an almost-2-year-old australian shepherd/maniac mix let me know...

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Maryann said...

This is great! Makes me feel better about posting Oz all the time. And Harvey is a looker, even if he's also a stinker! :)