Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in pics

last night harvey got hit by a car. a dominos delivery car to be exact. right in front of our house. it was awful to watch the whole accident happen & not be able to do a single thing. somehow he managed to bounce off the car & run out of the way before being hit again. the dominos driver didn't stop after the accident, just kept right on driving. luckily the dominos manager was upset with his driver's misbehavior & insisted that we take harvey to the vet on their expense. harvey seems to be ok, although he is really stiff & we have to monitor his breathing because the x-rays showed fluid in his lungs. he now growls at the scene of the crime each time we are near the road so brandon & i are hopeful he learned his lesson. doubtful, but hopeful.

fearing the worst as we saw the whole accident play out before us, we are now especially grateful for the little guy. this gratitude inspired me to go through our 2010 photos & reminisce. it was a good year!

harvey loves to bound through the powder
whenever we go out for a ski.
a little fox that hung around our
neighborhood last winter.
one of brandon's many crazy adventures
at the pump track in austin. harvey blew us all away
that he could keep up with this guy who was riding full speed.
i wish i would have captured the next scene,
where harvey cleared that gap! 
the brothers & their bikes.
at the alamo. 
our mariachi band along the san antonio river walk.
harvey at the san marcos kayak park.
brandon was so excited to see the surveying station near santa fe.
our requisite tourist photo spots aren't the norm i suppose.
scrub brush in southern colorado.
the droids of colorado state parks.
great sand dunes national park.
harvey wondering why brandon would
climb 40' off the ground.
crazy wyomin' rock face.
rodney graduated with style.
just three more sibling high school
graduations to survive enjoy!
we got in a little kayaking.
laramie flooded.
rowan came for a lovely visit!
(his family made it too, but he was most certainly the highlight!)
we rode bikes.
we rode bikes a lot actually.
we saw our first (& second) drive-in movie with old friends.
harvey went rafting for the first time.
he is with one of his favorite ladies in the whole world, emily.
a sweet dive into the cold snake.
i started watching bloom, our friends' son,
who we now all adore.
harvey gets a little nervous when the baby is too still or quiet.
tiff came for a visit & we talked human behavior into the ground.
kemi, mia, & i enjoyed our first of
many yearly girl's weekends in vegas!
rob & becky came for a visit.
we had an awesome time hanging out & showing them
our little life here in laramie.
we rode bikes some more. 
we enjoyed texas & family. 
we saw the ocean!
i made it my mission to pop as many man-o-wars
as i could along the national seashore. just doing my civic duty!
brandon caught a huge fish.
he also saw an adorable pine martin.
& he skied, & skied, & skied some more.

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Kathryn said...

You take some great pic, Lindsey! Thanks for sharing and letting us in on your life. You know you are extremely special, right?