Sunday, May 15, 2011

rewind: spring break, part I

we had such an amazing spring break trip this year, but that was nearly two months ago & i have yet to document it. life has been busy, but it is slowing down for me as it picks up the pace for brandon. of course. 

on our trip we drove down to palo duro, texas, which is outside amarillo. now, i am not fond of much of texas; austin & port aransas are the the only parts i have fond feelings for, but west texas is especially awful to me. flat & ugly. but that makes the beauty of palo duro all the more incredible. the ground falls away without warning into this beautiful canyon. justin recommended we meet there & we loved it. it was full of awesome mountain bike trails--even my favorite trail EVER. 

from there we headed to new mexico. we stayed the night at a state park, but didn't do much exploring. we did feast on justin's amazing jalapeno dip & enjoyed (cold) showers. after that we drove on to albuquerque. a friend from the hospital recommended a couple things to do in the area since they recently moved from there to laramie. one of those things was ride the tram to the top of sandia peak. it was incredible! we had wonderful views of the valley and the mountain-top was beautiful. plus we had a great lunch at the summit. by far one of the best "touristy" things i have done in my life. i took a ton of photos on the gondola ride, in part to ignore my minor discomfort with heights.
rock totem
view of albuquerque & beyond
so beautiful
brandon was about two steps ahead of the tram operator in
explaining the geologic features.
i can't believe i got brandon & justin to act out the
titanic scene for me! glad i captured it!
stone house at the tippy-top of the peak, built by the CC
headed down.
passing the other tram on its way up.
barely a breeze. (yeah right.)
view of the lights of albuquerque from our
camp spot outside of town.
more pictures to come....


mommarazzi said...

Many years ago Harlan had the opportunity to transfer with Intel to Albuquerque. We didn't take it but sometimes wonder what our lives would be like if we had taken that path.

I don't know that I'd like to live there but the Southwest has a beauty all it's own. Some day we will get to visit. Thanks for letting us enjoy it through your photos!

DougieB said...

Hey! We've been there!

Wow. Over 5 years ago. Yeesh. And your rewind posting is inspiring me to get some of our own backlogged stuff up now that I no longer have scholastic requirements....