Friday, April 13, 2012

as of late

holly inspired me to put together this "fun" post. lately i've been a bit serious in life and on the blog, so here's to being light in spirit!

Current TV show(s): parenthood and modern family are my TV addictions these days, which have identical story-telling styles and subject matter, with differing approaches. both however make me think incessantly about becoming a momma.

Current Food: i'm trying to drink green monster smoothies daily. mostly in hopes of obtaining miraculously clear and radiant skin. results are questionable thus far.

Current Movie: i really want to see friends with kids but our theater has yet to show it.

Current Wishlist: a different mattress. neither brandon nor i wake up feeling rested when we sleep in our own bed. we do however feel rested when we stay at other folks' homes, which is maybe a sign that we are to visit friends and family more often?

Current Music: um, i'm really into hawiian music lately. (is that totally bizarre?) it soothes me greatly and since i have little-to-no idea what they are singing about, it keeps me from getting drawn down a rabbit trail of my own convoluted thoughts.

Current Book: last child in the woods. this book is making me incredibly grateful for my childhood, and the unstructured playtime i enjoyed among the sagebrush- and ponderosa-filled trails between my friend's house and mine, lots of exploring outside at lei's ranch, and watching my mom cultivate her garden and greenhouse.

Current Worry: if i will have enough vacation time this summer for all of the glorious trips on our horizon. can anyone say "first world problem"?

Current Indulgence: enjoying all of the samples with my recent sephora order. why yes i would love a minuscule sample of a product i can't afford in real life. and yes, i will stretch it for months like the thrifty gal my momma taught me to be!

Current Obsession: checking on my tomato starts that are refusing to grow. although a watched pot never boils, i have yet to hear an adage about carefully observed and lovingly coaxed tomato seeds refusing to sprout.

and there you have it folks, a totally self-centered post that brought me a bit of mid-day joy.

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Holly said...

Well if you can't be self-absorbed on your own blog, where the heck can you be? :) Loved this. Also loving the google results when I type in Green Monster!