Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hen house happenings

the girls spent their first night in the hen house. i was a nervous wreck, absolutely certain we would come out this morning to find six dead chickens. luckily my worry was in vain (as per usual). hurray!

we had talked about getting chickens for quite a while, even at our old house. when we moved in to our home though, we knew this dilapidated shack in the back would be an ideal place to house our yard birds. i need to take pictures of the inside coop, which brandon has made quite nice for our little peepers. in the meantime, here is the run, where they spend the waking hours. 
the string to the left is my pea trellis, inspired by poppies in sisters.
it has a nice roof to keep them dry and brandon burried the poultry wire about a foot deep to keep predators (i.e., raccoon, fox, harvey, etc.) from digging their way in. brandon has poured many hours into this taj mahal of chicken love. my primary contributions were using the staple gun to secure the wire and painting the door like a good hippie. yes, it is brown and turquoise. yes, those are leaves stenciled across it. what of it?
harvey regularly entertains this pose.
off of the right side of the building shack (see above picture), there is another door. brandon set it up so we can access the nesting boxes (and eggs) without having to disrupt the birds too much.

the mottled one in front is the only one with a name: frankie.
mostly because she looked like a franciscan monk when we
brought her home, with a large white spot on her head
and a circle of black "hair" around that.  
we have three buff orpingtons (the orangish ones), one plymouth barred rock ("frankie") and two unknowns. we hoped to have three orpingtons and three barred rocks, but the feed store put two similar looking breeds together and we ended up with two of the others. we think they might be black stars. in which case we have a brood consisting of the left column below:

from my free-range chicken garden book

and lest you think our life has been taken over by chickens, i will share a photo of the sour cherry crumble pie i made last night. as you can tell it was a hit, with each of us going back for seconds. even my grandma would have wanted more than a "lil' sliver" of this pie! i am looking forward to having another slice tonight while i sit out on our back deck, watching the chickens peck around.


mommarazzi said...

Chickens are so fun to watch. There are quite a few yards with birds in this neighborhood. At least one with a rooster. We're looking forward to hearing him when we start sleeping with windows open.

Love the picture of Brandon and Harvey! He looks happy with his work. It is a pretty awesome looking chicken palace.

Your paint job is great! Embrace your hippy-hood. I think deep down I have a bit of hippy in me too.

Maryann said...

"and painting the door like a good hippie. yes, it is brown and turquoise. yes, those are leaves stenciled across it. what of it?" HA! This made me laugh. And it is a BEAUTIFUL door! First thing that caught my eye!

Muhammad Shakeel said...
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Kathryn said...

You're going to love watching your chooks! There's no noise so satisfying as the squawk they do to announce a freshly laid egg. Enjoy!! Great remodel of the shack, BTW!