Sunday, January 27, 2013

the remodel begins

we've been widdling away at phase 1 of our multi-phased kitchen remodel.

here are a few details:

the penny tile backsplash we ordered today!

we originally bought a very "safe" and bland tile from home depot. as we were buying it i felt uneasy, but attributed the feeling to dropping lots of money. however, once we got the tile home and displayed it in the kitchen i could not stand it. i spent a few hours online and found the penny tile above on overstock. overstreets buying on overstock? its gotta work! hopefully this risky move turns out looking amazing once it is installed!

pewter grey cabinets with walnut stained butcher block counters
built-in dining nook to come...
i'll post more pictures of the process, which are messy and show just how much work this has been, but i needed a little reminder of the goal and thought folks might like to see our "vision."


Maryann said...

AHHHH forever jealous of that backsplash. Can't wait to see it on the wall. I just don't have the space for a backsplash that would look like I would want it to, so I will live through you. And the counters and nook! I love, love, love it. Please keep us updated!!

northwestlaura said...

love the tile choice! it's going to look so beautiful. thanks for sharing photos of the process. <3

mommarazzi said...

Lindsey, I'm so happy for your dream kitchen to start to take shape.
We're doing some dreaming around here too and I want an pressed copper ceiling, soft white cabinets and and a glass tile backsplash with a coppery flecked countertop and island.

I love, love, love what you want for an eating nook. It seems just perfect!