Monday, February 4, 2013

life list

a great friend of mine, brenna, has this lovely list of things she wants to do before she dies. some of the items are grand and some are more everyday, but she constantly references this list and she inspired me to make a list of my own. i find myself telling brandon about the things i want to do "one day," but i don't have a place i really keep track of these things, so here goes...

life list
1. X-country ski in the Methow
2. Backpack through the Cinque Terre
3. Visit South Island of New Zealand
4. Become a transplant social worker
5. Get my LCSW
6. Learn Spanish
7. Ride a gondola in Venice
8. Get published in an academic journal
9. See the Northern Lights
10. See the Lion King on Broadway
11. See the Book of Mormon on Broadway
12. Stay in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
13. Stay at a ski-in/ski-out slopeside condo
14. Buy a strangers’ meal
15. Kayak in the bioluminescent bay of Fajardo, PR
16. Raft the Grand Canyon
17. Adopt a child
18. Become a mom (see previous)
19. Own fainting goats
20. Go Orca whale watching
21. Own a cabin or lake house
22. Go to Disney Land without kids
23. Go to Disney Land with kids
24. Take our children on the Polar Express train
25. Send out family Valentine's Cards (instead of Christmas cards)
26. Visit Yosemite National Park in the summer
27. Master a head stand in yoga
28. Run a 10K
29. Do a mountain bike yurt tour
30. Go sailing, preferably in the San Juan Islands
31. Train Harvey to walk on a leash
32. See a show at The Gorge
33. Go to Telluride Bluegrass Festival
34. Swim with manatees
35. Vacation in St. Lucia
36. Keep bees
37. Go on a wine tour through Napa with Sara & Kem
38. Attend a Blazer’s game with Alex
39. Live on a ranch in the Gallatin
40. Establish a scholarship fund for first-generation college students at SPU
41. Have a French Bulldog
42. Attend Sundance Film Festival
43. Attend the Ellen Degeneres show with my mom
44. Eat GF cupcakes from BabyCakes
45. Walk or bike the Pilgrimage de Santiago
46. Eat at an Alice Waters restaurant
47. Vacation in Hana, Maui, Hawaii

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