Thursday, February 21, 2013

people, this is happening

oh how i love (and sometimes loathe) pinterest! today, i came across a pin that relates to my life list: swimming with manatees. sure, most people envision swimming with dolphins or whales--and i wouldn't oppose either of those opportunities--but i have always had a special affinity for the sea cow.

pinterest led me to this article in the new york times. apparently november - march is the season for manatees to swim up rivers in florida in search of warmer water. guess what? november - march is also the season lindsey thinks about getting the heck out of this frigid place i currently call home! fate? i think so.

hopefully i can swim with the manatees in kings bay before PETA outlaws this opportunity!

how can you not want to gaze into those little eyes?

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Allan said...

Written specially for you Lindsey

Some would measure insanity
By the drive to swim with a manatee
But if you get there
Better check out its hair
In case the manatee's actually Hannity

loverstreet said...

allan, wow. that is some impressive verse you threw down! what a highly personalized nightmare you conjured up for me. thanks?

also, on tuesday the daily show interviewed a tea partier (which you aren't, right?) about how it is illegal to ride manatees. this man was visibly upset by this law and claimed that if "they" take away our right to ride manatees soon "they" will take away our right to open our own business. oh geez. taken from the mouth of hannity you think?

Maryann said...

Hell, why not RIDE a manatee? It's your constitutional right!,p12,d1

Kemi said...

OMG!!! How did I not know this about you? Or maybe I did and I forgot??