Sunday, February 10, 2013

the progress continues (in photos)

this was our kitchen until about a month ago.
the cupboards, ceilings, and walls were multiple shades of greyish-lilac. 
the counters were a 60's style formica with gold flecks.
it has been a work in progress, but here are some photos of the journey our last month.

chaos, eh?
getting rid of the not-so-cool retro counter.

we used a heat gun to strip the paint off the cupboards.
i'm sure it wasn't entirely safe, but the 5 layers of paint had to go.

testing out the fit of our butcher block counter before
brandon spent a week and a half sanding, staining, and sealing it.
we painted the inside of the cupboards a sunny yellow and the outside pewter grey.
the lighting here is horrible, but we were very happy to install the counter.
brandon also reworked the center bank of cabinets and installed an outlet inside,
so we could get the microwave out of sight.
i was the fearless (yeah right!) tiler and brandon was my lovely assistant.
this best captures the color of the tile and countertop.
hopefully i can get some more photos in the daylight tomorrow.
the fruit bowl becky got us ties in so nicely with the penny tile!
i really love how it is coming together!
grey cabinets, walnut-stained butcher block counter, cobalt tiles, and blue cabinet knobs.
i love the combination!

we have a few cabinet doors and drawers to finish plus the crown molding to reinstall,
but phase I of the kitchen remodel is reaching the point
where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
for comparison's sake. yeah, it's getting much better!


The Ingrams said...

Oh, such fun updates! It's always fun to make your house feel more like home with your own personal touches. Can't wait to see the rest!

Maryann said...

thanks for showing us!! So impressed with both of you and how amazing it looks.

northwestlaura said...

it looks beautiful! great work!

Kemi said...

This is so beautiful and I am SO impressed with you two!! Can't wait to see it in person someday soon :)