Saturday, February 9, 2013

i did it!

remember my intention for february? 
Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. i did it!

last night brandon, heath, and i were at our favorite local pub when i notice a man come in wearing a coat with st. charles embroidered on the chest. throughout the rest of our time in the pub i debated about approaching this guy and the woman he was with. i didn't want to be creepy, but i also just had a feeling that i should at least say hi. you know, show them some wyoming friendliness?

i swallowed my fear and decided to do something without knowing how it would turn out. after the initial, "how do we know you? oh, we don't" confusion, they were incredibly kind and got very excited to meet someone else from central oregon. we chatted for less than five minutes but i immediately felt like i had known them forever. 

they were in town because their daughter just had their first grandchild. their daughter works at the hospital i work at here in town, only she works nights in the emergency department, so i haven't met her. the woman insisted that her daughter and i would get along great and hopes we can meet. 

when i told them i was a social worker at the hospital, the husband cracked up laughing. turns out the woman is DIRECTOR of social services at st. charles! 

i still get tingly thinking about how that risky situation turned out so gloriously! i'm pretty sure i've got a good "in" should i ever apply to a social work job at st. charles. i am going to get in touch with their daughter and maybe set up a time to go out to coffee. 

isn't that small world incident refreshing? 


The Ingrams said...

What a great story! So glad it was a positive experience to stick to your goal.

northwestlaura said...

that is so serendipitous! i love it. proud of you for stepping out like that. and i'm happy that the world smiled back at you for it :)