Friday, September 27, 2013

but, i still love technology

i tried to make this blog private, only for invited readers, but due to browser and workplace firewall issues, that just isn't gonna work! so, we are back to normalcy for the blog, but i'll work on maintaining some anonymity to try to keep our family safe-ish on the internet. mostly i get creeped out by the strange comments i get from people i don't know, but the reality is that most of those comments are from robots, so maybe i can change the comment settings? (if anyone knows how, i would love a comment tutorial!) ah, technology.


we spent last weekend in kentucky, visiting friends who welcomed their first son into the world this past june. meeting oliver was a treat--he is at such a great stage, where he takes in the world with his big, brown eyes and is quite happy in just about anyone's arms (provided they also offer him a bottle!).

we went to a bourbon distillery on our trip, because bourbon and thoroughbreds are apparently the two commodities of central kentucky (and no one in our group can afford a thoroughbred currently). at the gate we learned that tickets for the tour were in short supply. at $7 per person--with two people who couldn't even participate in a tasting--none of us were eager to get in on the tour, so we opted to walk around and look at the grounds. picture a 7-month pregnant me, plus a new momma toting her tiny baby, and two hippy-looking guys wandering the grounds of a fine bourbon estate. we casually traipsed down the lawn towards the creek before i turned around to see a very prim middle-aged woman rushing towards us, walkie-talkie in hand. after politely indicating we were not to be in that area without a tour guide, she repeatedly stated: "i just can't believe you made it this far. i just can't believe it." what? did we saunter past the armed guards or something? 

we honestly didn't know we had done anything wrong, so we apologized and told her we would walk back to our car, which she said was not permitted. no, we had to wait for a bus to pick us up otherwise the very same bus might run us over on our 100 yard walk back to the car. perturbed, alex inquired about using the stairs marked "visitor center" but the oh-so-kind woman told us that the "visitor center was currently off-limits to visitors." oh really? the woman radioed for a bus to remove us, but got no reply, so she insisted we wait with the tour group and ride the bus with them. we felt like convicts getting on the bus, which, of course, traveled at a top speed of 7MPH. i could have waddled up that road quicker than the bus! 

you can imagine we didn't exit through the gift shop as they would have liked. no, instead we rushed to the car, laughing about how unsophisticated we all are. some things never change, even with the advent of parenthood. 

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