Saturday, March 1, 2014

jude, 2 months

age: 2 months

weight: 9lbs 9.5oz

length: 21.5"

clothing size: 0-3 months

nicknames: jude bug, bugga, and babykins seem to be sticking the most.

health: all seems to be well for this kiddo health wise thus far. she had her first shots ever at her appointment earlier this week and despite the piercing initial scream, she recovered quickly and slept most of the day.

sleep: jude rocks the sleep thing from 8:45 to somewhere between 2:30 and 4:40, when she wakes up hungry. brandon has taken the middle of the night feeding so i get to sleep through the night, but i get up with the early bird. other moms shoot me death glares when i share that i get to sleep through the night. look, i've got it good, i know. 

diet: lately jude wants to eat multiple times in within a half hour in the morning but otherwise goes about 2-3 hours between feedings. we have been out and about more during her feedings and she really doesn't understand why she has to hide out under the apron to eat, so she sometimes swats it away, exposing me in many coffee shops.

baby gear love: we still think these bumgenius cloth diapers are awesome. and otherwise the girl loves her wubbanub dog+pacifier

loves: laying on her back so she can kick her legs, her uncle alex's deep voice, and big old face licks from harvey boy.

dislikes: when brandon torments her by blowing in her face or when the waistband on her pants are too tight (who doesn't hate that?).

milestones: she had her first giggle this week--the tiny stuffed koala brandon's advisor gave her fell off of the mobile on her swing and into her lap, which sent her into an adorable little giggle fit. jude also had her first overnight trip and hotel stay this past month. she was a traveling champ, despite the cold temps in keystone and less-than-ideal driving conditions.

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