Monday, March 3, 2014

our girl in our home.

faith, a photographer here in laramie, came to our house to capture jude during her first few days. while we loved the images she got during that session, we hoped for a few more family pictures. 

days after that finding out that we were moving away from laramie and our first house, the place where we brought this baby home, faith contacted us to see if she could do a photo shoot in jude's nursery. she offered to give us the images at no cost if we let her use them for her promotional materials. it was a pretty hard sell, as you can imagine, but we agreed. :) 

i don't have all of the digital images yet, so i can't upload them, but here is one and the rest are on faith's blog.
these pictures do such a wonderful job of capturing the room we worked hard to make just right for jude's arrival. i will miss our little laramie bungalow a lot, but i will especially miss jude's room. thanks for capturing all the special details faith!


in other news, our house sold after being on craigslist and zillow for all of three days. we had multiple offers and a bit of a bidding war going on over our little place. brandon keeps referring to jude as our change agent, because since she came along nothing has been still. we hope that facing three of the big life challenges (new baby, new job, and moving) in a short period of time means we can find a bit of reprieve once we get settled in oregon.

as for the chickens, they were itemized in two of the offers we received. so they get to stay put and we get to avoid the headache that would surely accompany moving a brood of hens halfway across the country. i think we have enough to worry about with our crazy dog and newborn! at least there are dog-friendly hotels; i highly doubt any best western between here and bend would be willing to accommodate 8 chickens!


The Ingrams said...

Beautiful photos! What a treasure to have these memories of your first home with Jude!

Heather said...

Hi there! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)