Monday, May 12, 2014

jude, 4 months

age: 4 months

weight: 13.9

length: 24 3/4"

clothing size: a dwindling selection of 3-6 month things still fit, but she is creeping into 6 month sizes.

nicknames: jude bug, judabaga, and jude girl.

health: no problems for this little one, although the doc did say we will have to keep an eye on her birthmark directly above her butt, which can, in rare circumstances, be indicative of underlying spinal cord issues. [for the record: that was a horrible thing to hear, especially since there is ZERO we can do about it other than wait-and-see.]

sleep: generally she zonks out at 8pm, but occasionally she starts rubbing her eyes even earlier, which creates a dilemma for me because i get home at 5:30, so when she goes down much earlier than 8 i don't get much time with her and that makes me sad, but then i don't want to force her to stay up when she clearly needs the sleep.

diet: all breast milk all the time. brandon snuck her some cool whip and both my mom and i came unglued! i also gave her a micro bite of sweet potato, which she seemed to enjoy. we let her gum on a very tart mango the other day and she was totally uncertain of how to react.

baby gear love: my mom found an old toy of mine that is a pull-cord bunny that plays peek-a-boo. jude is crazy about this thing and can even pull the cord on her own. it is cool to see the toy still in commission nearly 30 years later! also, gripe water is an awesome hiccup solution and this girl gets a lot of hiccups!

loves: seeing brandon or i first thing in the morning, hearing herself shriek, and sucking on her fingers.

dislikes: tummy time, taking her liquid vitamins, and getting the sun in her eyes.

milestones: she is working towards rolling over, but is taking her sweet time because she despises "practicing" since it requires tummy time. eh, in due time, right. in the meantime, we are just appreciating that she can't move from the spot we leave her at on the floor. she loves to scratch her nails on things that make a bit of noise and seems to have figured out that she can control that sound.

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