Monday, May 26, 2014

jude, 5 months

age: 5 months

weight: unsure

length: unsure

clothing size: primarily 6 month.

nicknames: jude bug, judabaga, jude girl, and brandon has recently added jude muffin.

health: she seems to be doing well since last month, a few challenges with me over-indulging on garlic and rhubarb, but otherwise ok.

sleep: she continues to be a total champ! just last night the smoke detector in our house started chirping in the night. brandon was gone and i awoke to harvey standing over me (on my bed) licking my face to make sure i heard the alarm. it took me 2 hours to calm him down and convince him we weren't all headed for certain demise. meanwhile, jude slept through the whole chaotic ordeal.

diet: still rocking the breast milk routing. rob snuck her a piece of watermelon which she was very excited about but i haven't ventured into feeding her solids on a regular basis because it just sounds like so much work and once you get into it there is no turning back. so i wait.

baby gear love: spf baby hat and clothes because slathering sun screen on a squirmy baby always seems to result in her getting it into her eyes and screaming.

loves: watermelon (see above), splashing in the bathtub, and reading books. dislikes: tummy time (still) and being in a crowded house, which further supports my theory that we are raising an introvert.
milestones: she can roll from her back to her side, so that counts towards the rolling over milestone. she also discovered she can reach her feet, so she quietly plays for about 15 minutes at a time with her little toes. yeah, it's totally adorable.

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