Wednesday, February 13, 2008

rash decisions

it seems that between brandon and i, life generally throws the strange injuries and illness my way (shingles, concussions, broken ribs, etc.). every year i have some "big" medical deal and i am always embarrassed because, for pete's sake, what is wrong with me?
this time however, brandon is the unfortunate one. over the past couple weeks he has been overly tired and he developed this strange rash on his abdomen, which has recently spread down his biceps. i concluded it wasn't shingles because it crossed his mid-line and from my 3 shingles experiences i know that is an impossible feat. so, there's one virus ruled out!
i (being the worrywart my mother taught me to be) insisted that he go to the doctor. he is almost always opposed to such suggestions, claiming that they won't know what is wrong or that there won't be anything they can do. this time i made the appointment for him and the doctor's conclusion was that he has pityriasis rosea. basically, a rash they don't know much about and can't treat. so brandon was right: going to the doctor accomplished next to nothing.
upon the diagnosis his first question was whether or not he could be around babies, as we are going to visit our godson this weekend. fortunately, the little they do know about this rash is that it is not contagious by contact. to be safe, we'll make sure he has plenty of long-sleeved shirts so we can keep rowan safe.
another note: the doctor told him his "bedmate" (i.e. his wife) would be safe from contracting the rash. i believe that is the first time i have been referred to as a bedmate--and hopefully the last!

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