Monday, February 4, 2008


woohoo, i'm an oregon resident!
some of you may have already thought that i was (as i originally did). however, last month i had my oregon residency audited by UO. they made me complete paperwork documenting that i was pursuing educational endeavors while outside the state, not just raking in the dough. fortunately i make almost no money and i take classes so i had a case.
it was a little strange to have that oregon identity questioned. i began to wonder, 'if i am not an oregon resident then what state am i a resident of?' a friend at work thought that if if i wasn't an oregon resident that that would mean i was an illegal alien.
happily, my case was settled and UO will view my application as a legal oregon resident. this will help tremendously with financial aid and the like. now hopefully they determine that i am a good enough resident to be admitted into their program!

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