Thursday, February 28, 2008

spartanburg here i come!

life has felt out of balance these past few weeks with traveling, challenges at work, losing papa overstreet, waiting for grad school news, homework galore, and the like. we have been chugging along through it, but because of all that has been happening, i failed to post exciting news: i am going to spartanburg, south carolina for spring break!

i was chosen to be the "adult leader" (haha) for a group of 11 students for the alternative spring break the university sponsors. we will be working on a habitat for humanity build over the course of the week, making our home on the floors of a local church. it is going to be a lot of tiring work, late nights, and emotional reactions but i am excited to be part of it! i rarely get to work with "traditional" students as most people in the apartments are older of have families, so it will be rewarding for me to build relationships with an entirely new demographic of students.

one of the bonuses about being a leader for the trip is that i don't have to use vacation time as i will still be working for the university during that week. i don't have heaps of annual leave hanging around so it will be nice to get out of dodge without using any. plus i don't have to pay for the trip either!i leave at the ridiculous hour of 2:45AM next saturday and return at the equally ridiculous hour of 2:00AM a week later. i have a strong feeling that upon my return i will spend many hours with my eyes closed under the covers! i will appreciate prayers in the following ways: that i can be competent to deal with whatever comes up, that our group meshes well and has little drama, that we have safe travel, and that are lives are forever changed by the experience!

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