Saturday, October 4, 2008

expanding family

we have arrived in central oregon and are beginning the daunting tasks of finding jobs, finding a place to live, and... finding a puppy! we have so far only accomplished one of these tasks, and depending on who you talk to, it was perhaps the most important of the three! in a couple weeks we get to bring home this little guy:he is an australian shepherd mix and is about six weeks old right now. we can pick him up in two weeks and we are thrilled beyond belief. we have had a couple of heartbreaks in the dog realm in the past month and now we are finally getting to expand our family with the right little guy.

here's what we need from our friends and family: name suggestions! please give us some in the comments section because although we have a couple of ideas rattling around in our heads, we know you all can come up with more! our criteria: no more than two syllables and easy to yell (yes, we expect you to practice yelling the name before you suggest it!). you are all probably saying that we shouldn't have to yell at the dog ever, but let's be honest it will happen at some point and we don't want to find ourselves yelling a ridiculous name!

in other news, i have an interview at the hospital on tuesday. this is a job i really want, and one that would help with getting into graduate school, so hopefully i will have good news to report on that soon.


Maryann said...

he's adorable! I'm terrible at names, though. Barry? Vernon? Asta? I suck at this.

Anonymous said...

HI Lindsey!!! Matt suggests Jackson...he even practiced yelling it, scolding it and calling it in a happy voice (shortening it to Jack)... I thought it would fit well too. Anyway, hope you are well.

Becky...and Matt

Lyssa said...

Holy cow! Flippin CUTE! I don't think I'm much good at names either. The only one I could think of was "abo" (as in aboriginal since he's an aussie mix). But I'm not going to try shouting it because Rowan is asleep. I'll leave that to you ;) Good luck! Way to get a dog :D