Sunday, October 26, 2008

the new roof over our heads

we are in! to our new place, that is. not to jobs or graduate school, but those things will come. we do hope they will come soon, but surely in due time.

we have been spending most of our time entertaining harvey and he is quickly learning the way this puppy-hood thing works--as are we. it is certainly a full-time gig to be a puppy keeper, but the rewards and joys are worth the "investments".

the herding instinct of our little shepherd astounds me. it truly is instinctual for him. his most favorite things to herd at this time: our exercise ball/computer chair and rolling firewood logs. i guess we may have to invest in some sheep to keep him busy. a joke. believe me, that was a joke. there shall be no sheep. yet. maybe some fainting goats...

anyhow, harvey is quickly growing, so here are a few recent shots:if you hear of any good jobs for brandon or i, please let us know. we are quite desperate and needing to fund our rent and food bills. speaking of rent, here are some photos of our new place:


Maryann said...

Both your new place and dog are adorable! Cozy, cozy.

AndreaandWill said...

Wagawan Mi Gyal- How are things going? The pictures of your new dog are adorable! He's sure cute and you picked a great name for him! Your house looks nice and warm too! Hopefully the jobs work out- looks like the one at the hospital would be a great one for you! When is your trip to Costa Rica? Hope you're all doing well! We sure miss you! ♥ the schumakers