Monday, November 3, 2008

all that matters now


i have made no attempts to hide my support for barack obama as the next president of the united states. i endorse him as the candidate who can redirect this country from the course of certain demise are are currently on.

however, regardless of who you vote for, please just vote. don't throw it away. don't be apathetic about our country. it is a privilege many people fought for so that we can direct the winds of our nation. so as i said above, i don't care if we disagree politically, i want your vote to count just as much as mine!


Lyssa said...

Logan and I actually voted a few days ago. The best part for me was after I pushed the envelopes into the drop-box. I saw this guy watching me from across the parking lot. He gave me an approving glance and then shot me a thumbs up! That made me smile and I gave a thumbs up back to him. That's day I learned, voting makes you cool ;)

loverstreet said...

cool indeed! so glad to hear you two voted.