Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sweet bike...

as i alluded to before, we have had an event-filled week.  sara mia came to visit, then we drove up to seattle with her for time with kemi, after that we cruised down to visit logan, alyssa, and rowan (our godson).  it was recently rowan's first birthday and alyssa's 23, so we had some celebrating to do.  when we got back from our northwest tour we celebrated mom's birthday with a little spaghetti and mashed potatoes (her favorite combination--don't ask).  and now we are home and i am sick.  but the sickness is worth it for all the memories we made.

for the past month, i have wanted to show everyone something brandon has been putting his heart into.  however, it was a big surprise for logan and rowan (alyssa already knew about it).  rowan started walking a month or so ago and brandon decided to build him a "like-a-bike" which is a wooden bike without pedals.  kids learn to run along and then pull up their feet when they want to coast, which puts them at an advantage with that balance thing the rest of us all struggled with.  being the awesome godfather that brandon is, he wants to give rowan every advantage he can.  thus, we introduce to you the wooden, pedal-less bike:
we knew logan would be thrilled that brandon made it and that his son had his first bike, but we also knew rowan would need to grow into it a bit so our expectations weren't too high that the little guy would be too interested.  boy were we wrong!  he loves it and every 20 minutes or so while we were there he would go over to the bike, pull on the handlebars and grunt at us until we helped him up and cruised around the house.  it was the best reaction to a gift we could have ever hoped for. 
the bike features some handlebars that were once logan's (cut down to rowan size) and the custom decals on the side read: GODSIFF RACING, with Rowan underneath.  it is pretty dang awesome and i am so glad to share it with the blogging world now that it is no longer a secret gift.
on sunday the boys went mountain biking and alyssa had sunday school to teach, so rowan and i got some awesome godmum/godson time.  he was a doll and was all smiles, with each animal cracker i fed him.  i got a few great photos of the adorableness that he is, but the one above is my favorite.


mommarazzi said...

Those pictures are adorable! I'm not prejudiced. I am amazed by the Godsiff unibrow showing up so early. If you look at the 3rd picture full screen you can see what I mean.

loverstreet said...

it cannot be suppressed! :)