Wednesday, November 5, 2008

latest photos

brandon, becky, and i went for a hike on sunday to alder springs, which is along squaw/wychus creek. the day was pretty overcast, but it was a great hike. the objective: to wear harvey out and give him some off-leash practice. he did great and indeed, he slept the rest of the afternoon!

when we got to the spring the sun broke through and the lighting was incredible. i took a couple of shots of bradon and harvey; however, due to photographer error they weren't composed very well. the light was awesome, but my eye was not up to par. 

anyhow, i still love this one of harvey going bonkers. he loved the tall grasses and went nuts running in circles. brandon looks pretty dang good in that sunlight also!
and this one, it just might be my favorite photo i have taken to date. mmm, i just love the lines and the warmth. i think i am going to have to frame this one.

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AndreaandWill said...

Thanks for all the great comments you keep leaving everywhere! Love the pictures and that hike looks wonderful- the colors of a changing season are magnificent! I tried to figure out if i could change the music thing but no luck-i'll keep trying though :( Love and Miss You!