Monday, November 24, 2008

sunday secret

this was a hard week to choose a secret, as most of them did not relate to me at all.  anyhow, here goes:
not that i don't like adults, but i really don't mind sitting at the kids table at grandma's christmas dinners.  it is just way more fun to be free to be silly.  now though there may be too many kids for me to still sit there and i may be relegated to sit with the adults.  hmmm...

on another note, my wonderfully kind, giving, fun-loving aunt kris fell yesterday morning and shattered her ankle.  she spent the afternoon in surgery and now has something to the extent of 6 screws and a plate in her ankle.  please pray for her to heal without complications and for her to be content as she isn't one to sit for long periods of time, indeed, she is a little busy bee.  also, she is a skier and this really puts a cramp in her season.  

aunt kris, if you read this... 1) thanks for teaching me to love the kids' table as you are a true kid at heart and always will be, 2) know that we are sending lots of love and healing prayers your way in idaho, and 3) let those around you use this opportunity to serve you in the way that you are always serving others.  oh yeah, and 4) GET WELL!

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