Tuesday, November 4, 2008

peace abounds

we found out the news while we were out in black butte with friends. it didn't seem real at the time, but then again there was that concession speech from mccain. we drove home in the snow and ice, still not quite willing to admit that this was real. that our america would forever be a different, albeit better, country because of this day and because of what these election results signify. it just seemed too scary to admit because surely it was too good to be true.

i have believed in obama, in his grassroots movement, and in the power of our democracy for over a year (prior to that i was pretty disgusted and embarrassed by what the u.s. had become). and yet, i didn't expect a freaking landslide! this tells me so much about my fellow americans and that the future we have in store for us as this country is revived and healed. as we work towards peace. oh, let it abound!

wow. i can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and be a citizen of the united states of america--and to be damn proud of it too!

welcome to the white house mr. commander-in-chief!


mommarazzi said...

Some of us with loved ones in the military are only finding peace in the fact that God is in control of all of it. Perhaps we are being given a wakeup call to remember just that. But with a daughter just finishing boot camp and two sons-in-law that are serving or have served it is very frightening to imagine our country in the new year.

loverstreet said...

tammy, i really don't know you too well, but i do know that you care a whole heap for your children and grandchildren. so i am sorry that this election brings you fear, especially in relation to those you love the most.
with this election, i see the likelihood that foreign countries will be less disgusted with us, and perhaps more willing to work with us, and that maybe a man i call a true and close friend won't have to be away from my godson as often or for as long.
as i said, i am sorry you are scared. i too believe deeply in God's control and in his sovereignty and today is a day where i feel peace and joy to live in this country.