Friday, November 28, 2008

thankful for family and desperate for snow

for some reason or another, i have had a lot of trouble uploading these photos.  anyhow, we haven't been up to too much, just praying for snow and applying to a temp agency so we can maybe have some form of income.  oh, how we are feeling this economic crisis--and the effects of global warming!  :)  we just want snow and then all will be well as we can then begin working at mt. bachelor as planned.  until then, we are entertaining ourselves with lots of hikes and time with family.  not a bad way to spend your time when unemployed.

this photo is one of my favorites of harvey.  we were bouldering with ross and his friend christian.  i discovered that i have absolutely no upper body strength, so i chose to focus on taking pictures of the icicles that formed along wychus creek instead of climbing.  harvey has a bit of separation anxiety and was trying with all his might to get up onto the rock where i was taking pictures from.  in between jumps i caught this photo of his crooked little ears peeking over the edge.  
and these two photos are of my most epic domestic adventure to date: making my own french fried onions.  "why," might you ask, "would a girl vehemently opposed to onions fry her own?"  because my favorite thanksgiving dish is actually green bean casserole; forget the turkey, stuffing, and even the jellied cranberry sauce.  the thing that takes priority on my plate is green bean casserole... which happens to have gluten in every ingredient aside from the green beans. instead of forgoing my favorite thanksgiving dish, i made it in my own gluten-free kitchen.   
the smoke alarm was blaring and harvey was in panic mode as he thought i was trying to burn our house down, but indeed, these little greasy onion pieces were superb!

we had what i like to call a progressive thanksgiving (not in the ideologically progressive sense, rather in that we progressed from house to house in celebration of giving thanks).  we started at the overstreets and each had salad plates full of food.  we then popped over to my dad's place for a little pumpkin pie, and finished the night with my mom and matt, enjoying a truly gluten-free feast.  needless-to-say, we drove home in solidarity with most of america: feeling the burden and pains of overeating, but giving thanks for the plenty that was on the table and the family that surrounded it.

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