Tuesday, December 2, 2008

continued prayers for healing

two sundays ago, my aunt kris hurt her ankle quite badly when she slipped on the ice on her back porch.  she endured surgery and now has pins and plates in ankle.  uhh.  poor thing.  i posted about it and asked for you all to pray for her to heal quickly and without complications.

now i have another family prayer for healing: my uncle ron (my mom's big brother) endured a stroke this weekend.  he is currently in the hospital and is having trouble with his vision.  it appears that he was spared from any form of paralysis, but he currently can't see out of one of his eyes.  he has five grandkids that he wants to keep playing with and to watch them grow, so please pray that he doesn't encounter any further complications and that healing comes rapidly for his brain.

i have warned my mom that she may need to consider spending next sunday wrapped in bubble wrap, as the past two sundays have involved major medical problems for two of her three siblings.  besides that, it would make all of us laugh to watch her negotiate the world wrapped in bubble wrap.  :)

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