Tuesday, December 16, 2008

warm memories and freezing pipes

many years ago i took a risky move in my "pursuit" of brandon.  his car was parked at the mt. bachelor park-and-ride lot while he was up racing.  the little corsica was completely covered in snow so i scraped his windows off, snuck the hide-a-key out of its secret spot, and left a gerber daisy on his seat.  i was nervous all afternoon as i wasn't sure how he would feel about receiving a flower from a girl.  apparently it did not go unnoticed as this past sunday when i got in my car after a long, cold first day at the mountain i found a beautiful bouquet of flowers (including gerber daisies) on my seat.  i totally chocked up and felt overwhelmed with the history those flowers represented.  isn't he wonderful?
last week we went out with rob, becky, and courtney in search of the perfect christmas tree. rob totally scored a great one, which put the pressure on brandon to do so as well.  he found ours a bit further from the road, but indeed it was just right for us!  we got it all decorated on saturday and it has been glowing away in our house ever since.
here is my favorite ornament:
and my other favorite part of our christmas decorations: our nativity.  mom got me this when i was in high school and i look forward to pulling these figurines out of their package each year.  even when we haven't had a tree, we have had this little manger scene.  i especially love the curious look of the lambs.
in other news, we are currently living without cold water in these days of single-digit temps.  that's right, we woke up monday morning to find that our cold water pipe was frozen and it has not relented since then, despite the intense heat of our bathroom.  fortunately we have hot water so we can still shower up.


Kathryn said...

Aw, shucks, what a romantic that boy is. You're one of the fortunate few to get one of them.

Bless you both.

Maryann said...

Your tree is lovely!