Thursday, December 11, 2008

no snow, much paperwork

it seems like i haven't said much of anything in our recent posts about us or what we are up to.  we are still waiting for snow, but feeling slightly less anxious about this holding period than a couple of weeks ago.  i can't help but be grateful for this time to be home with our puppy.  i feel like a ridiculous dog fanatic for saying that, but i know that this time at home with harvey is making us better owners and him a better member of our world.

in other news, i started my volunteering role at volunteers in medicine.  i am officially a prescription assistance program advocate, which means i weed through the mounds of paperwork that drug companies require in order to participate in their reduced or no fee prescription programs.  i love that i can now call myself an "advocate"--and i love that my work has a direct impact on improving peoples' situation.  i'll post more as i interact with the patients, for today was focused on getting oriented with the companies and forms.  i totally owe my mom for finding out about this place and for getting me connected... thanks mom!

we are off to hunt for christmas trees tomorrow with rob, becky, and courtney, so i will do my best to get photos of the big day.  it may turn out to be a nightmare to have a christmas tree and a puppy occupying our house simultaneously, but he has to learn someday... right?!?

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