Monday, December 29, 2008

a few photos

we had a great time picking out our christmas tree with rob, becky, and court. we got an awesome one and we are still enjoying it, although i think it is going to come down soon--we are being inundated with needles!
(it was starting to snow when this picture was taken, so my teeth aren't actually glowing like an 
orbitz commercial.  that is a reflective snowflake.)

overall, this year was far more relaxing than the holidays have been in the past.  we did the tour-de-familia again, but given the fact that we live in the area, we didn't feel as much pressure to stay or guilt as we left.  what a nice change.  i sure wish i could put a kabosh on guilt--it plagues me!

we got a few photos of our christmas with papa and the kids, but didn't capture the other parts of our family very well.  anyhow, here is hogan and her dog, simba, trying to decipher the directions for her new toy.
and here is rodney trying to figure out his new binoculars.  papa also got brandon and i a pair, which he hopes to benefit from if we go back to jackson.  he was ill that we were living in elk country this summer and didn't have any binoculars.  now we are set for wildlife viewing (and stalking, should the need arise).
and here is wyatt, showing off one of the many indiana jones toys he received this year.  he is a lego-maniac and he is going to have at least a few days of entertainment putting the sets papa, rod, brandon, and i got him.  
this picture is especially priceless, as it may be the only photo of papa and all his kids to exist.  there may have been a couple from our wedding, but this one sums us up a bit better. 
brandon and i have been busy little bees, working like crazy since christmas.  i am going to be picking up even more shifts at typhoon as they make some changes, so i may be a little behind on posting until the dust settles.

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