Wednesday, October 8, 2008

getting snippy

what with us searching for jobs, a house, and having recently adopted a new puppy, it seems only suiting that i would plunge into another big change.

i've had long hair for a long time and thanks to an old friend and a brave hairstylist, i no longer do. out with the long, drab, hippy hair and in with the new, chic, bob. here is the photographic evidence of the big change. some of you may think, "who cares about a little haircut?" well, when it comes to big hair changes i have always been a little timid, so this is a big deal to me!

i really like it, although i haven't styled it yet, so that may change my feelings drastically. it should go well with my job at the hospital, don't you think? speaking of that, my interview went really well. they seemed to feel bad that they couldn't give me enough work, but hopefully that doesn't deter them from hiring.


Anonymous said... look amazing. I love it! Becky

Call It Courage said...

Very pretty! I'm always tempted but too scared to get my hair cut.

Lyssa said...

SMOKIN!! You look like a great!

Rowan and I are proud of you :D I know how big of a deal haircuts can be. I haven't gotten anything more than a bang trim (most done by me) since before Rowan was born.

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOO cute! I love it!