Friday, June 26, 2009

a piny suprise

yesterday was our 4th anniversary and after last year's "texas roadhouse grill" disaster in pocatello, i was eager to have an anniversary that was memorable for positive reasons (not hair in my meal or driving around a hot southern idaho town in search of something, anything, better than the tacky chain restaurant).  

we both were really busy all day so the true celebration didn't start until dinner at about 8:30... we went to a nice restaurant in sisters called "chloe" and both had wonderful meals and dessert.  as we were walking to our car in the dark i joked that we should forgo our plans to pitch a tent in the woods and stay at the fancy "five pine" resort.  brandon looked and me and said, "you want to?"  uh, yeah, but that isn't gonna happen!, i thought.

oh how i underestimate this boy!   he had made reservations for us at five pine and had the keys in hand!  i was giddy as we walked through the cabins in search of ours.  the inside was even more beautiful and simple than i imagined. as grandma would say, "you done good brandon.  you just done real good."

our little patio that backed up to forest and quietness!

here we are, four years of wedded bliss!

the crazy bathtub that pours water straight from the ceiling.  this isn't a bath/shower hybrid either--just a bath with a "surprise faucet".  i was surprised at least when i went to turn it on and the water grazed the top of my head!

the little "five pine" logo tiles.  everything was beautiful about this place!

before we were able to go to dinner we had a kayak class to teach out at black butte.  the combination of wind and water had us both really chilled so at the end of june we found ourselves cozied up beside the fireplace.

the other crazy thing was that one of our favorite musicians, keb mo, stayed in the same cabin when he was here for starry nights last spring.  there is a guest book in the room and we read through most of the people's comments and came across an entry from keb mo and his wife.  that's right folks, we stayed in the same cabin as keb mo!  brandon didn't have a hand in that, but it was a cool coinsidence to us.  

thanks to mom & matt for watching harvey for what i thought was a couple hours while we ate dinner, but turned into a doggy slumber party.  

this was certainly an anniversary that will be remembered forever with smiles and giddiness!

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Maryann said...

Congratulations! And that place looks amazing--the tub especially!