Sunday, May 31, 2009

week 1.5

here are a few more pictures of our central american adventure...
an adorable little poison dart frog, sometimes call the blue jean frog because of its little blue legs. very non-threatening despite its ominous name.
an unfortunately silly picture of brandon, but the only one of us on the entire trip in our "nice clothes". he looks exhausted here, but really it was just bad timing with the flash and all.

after this photo we went to dinner at the fanciest place either of us have ever been. i counted: throughout the meal i had 13 plates in front of me at various times, with the servers changing the settings at each course. we felt a little ridiculous because the waiter literally stood 3 feet from our table to make sure we didn't go without. his objective was achieved because we didn't go without, or even approach wanting for anything for that matter.
through an awesome deal with the raft company, we got a free night at the most posh hotel in san jose, the hotel grano de oro. we cruised in after our raft trip all stinky and dirty and felt more than out of place! we were treated like royalty though and enjoyed all the plushness of the fancy hotel that we knew we wouldn't encounter again on our trip.
painted oxcarts are a big deal in costa rica, but we didn't see many full-size versions of them (tons of miniature trinket versions in the souvenirs shops though). the detail is amazing, although this one is quite modernized with its rubber tires and suspension. never-the-less, they are beautiful!

more pictures to come when i get some more time.

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