Friday, May 29, 2009

week one

it has taken me some time to sort through our photos; considering that we took over 400 we should not be surprised. costa rica was amazing and we had grand adventures, but it was wonderful to come home to our house and our families and our dog. oh yeah, and english. we really like english.
since i came home to an abundance of work, starting a new full-time job while working two more weeks at my old part-time job, i don't have heaps of time for photos and blogging.  therefore, i am going to put up photos in chunks of time from our trip, with a few details here and there. ultimately i will get them up into our picassa album, but that may take a few weeks.
we had lots of cherished hammock time. so much that we had to bring one home with us.
brats were abundant in costa rica--literally everywhere we went we saw them, mostly in pristine shape!  brandon was happy to have his beloved car--wait, is it a truck?  is it a car?  we never can tell--get some much-deserved credibility.
a cool castle in san jose.
the scariest tractor ride of our lives, although we look quite happy here.  however, if you look closely you can see everyone in the background gripping the railing and brandon's smile is only half-way there. 
the beginning of our raft trip, complete with a doogie howser look-a-like.
all harnessed up and ready for the tour-de-canopy.  i was shaking as i got on the platform but i went before brandon so i was proud of myself for putting my fear of hights and speed behind me as i sailed through the forest.  thankfully no monkeys decided to leap across my path while i was zipping.  sadly, the get-up for canopy tours is not flattering on anyone.
our guide took the two of us to a hidden waterfall where we swam and enjoyed the secret spot.

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