Saturday, May 16, 2009

strange things

we've been hanging out in montezuma since monday and have had an interesting time. the first night we were offered some marijuana. apparently at this point in our journey we looked hippie enough to fall into that category. the town of montezuma is pretty hippie-ish itself, all condensed into a small block that makes brandon and i both feel clausterphobic. we rented some mountain bikes, which have been a lifesaver as our bungalows are about 3K out of town.

since we arrived we have walked (across the ocean no less!) to an island. the only thing on the island is a cemetary and the place was crawling with vultures so we didn't hang out long.

we have also hiked to the local waterfalls and swam in the ocean a bit. one day we walked for about an hour north of town in search of a waterfall that falls directly into the ocean. we kept hoping to find it but finally gave up and hung out on a secluded beach. we saw some young guys swiming a couple hundred meters down from us and then they walked past us when we were reading, not really a big deal. brandon and i read for about an hour more and kept hearing things in the jungle behind us, like the sounds of sticks breaking. we chalked it up to iguanas and ignored the sounds. i decided it was time for another quick swim before we headed back to town so we left our pack on the secluded beach and went to the ocean. brandon had some weird instinct and turned around to check on our bag only to see a guy tuck down behind a down log, a few feet from our stuff. i was blissfully unaware and enjoying the waves while brandon took off at a full-speed run, leaving me dumbfounded. then i too saw one of the guys we saw earlier make a break for the jungle and take off, thankfully afraid of brandon and without our stuff. it was pretty freaky to nearly loose our things, and made us both jittery for the walk back to town. luckily it was only a close call and the guy got freaked out. we thought we were being careful before but now we are a lot more alert.

other than the drug offer and the near theft, things have been great. we took a boat out to isla tortuga and went snorkeling. on the way there we saw dolphins, turtles, and the waterfall going into the ocean we had searched for earlier. while we were snorkeling we saw two manta rays, an octopus, two pufferfish, and brandon saw some white tip sharks. all that swimming with our backs to the sun also landed both of us some pretty stylish backside sunburns.

we leave montezuma on monday and will take a boat across the gulf, where we will rent a car and head down the coast. we are excited to be home with all the comforts of the familiar, our little dog, and some dry weather.

as for the monkey count: prior to arriving in montezuma i had seen two monkeys and brandon none. after our first morning here we saw more than we could ever keep track of... they are everwhere at our bungalows and like to howl as they pass by our house in the morning. i am slightly more brave than i thought i would be about checking them out, but still not so keen.

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