Saturday, May 9, 2009

missing items

we have many pictures to post and i sat down excited to do so only to realize that i brought the wrong USB cable and therefore i cannot download any of the photos off of our camera! a bummer for the blog updates but it will make for a great slideshow when we get back home.

instead, a list of what we have done so far in costa rica:
-mastered the streets of san jose--sort of. we did not get lost once so i will credit myself with mastery.
-rafted the rio picuare. we were the only ones doing a three day trip so we got the royal treatment in terms of small boat with only ourselves and our guide, private use of the facilities once the other 25 people who were doing the two day trip left, personal guide to the caribbean rainforest flora and fauna, a hike to a secret waterfall, etc. our guide rey was wonderful and made the trip! we both said we felt like we could have left costa rica after our raft trip and felt relaxed enough. glad we are not doing that though.
-we did a zip-line canopy tour. i even went first! it was fun and the only scary moment was the initial jump off the platform.
-we rode many buses and i have had many near sick moments as the busses are packed with people--literally like sweaty, hot, sardines. this bus riding thing has been challenging as the directions we get as to where to meet the bus are always in spanish and the routes and times change at random. we are getting better and it is really cheap so maybe it is worth it.
-swam in the pacific ocean. we arrived at playa samara last night and went for a swim in the ocean. it was super hot here and the water felt wonderful.
-stood at the base of an active volcano watching lava pour down. what a show that thing puts on at night!

anyhow, now we are in samara for a few days exploring the surrounding area. we are going to go to another beach for the day where there is rumored to be a lady that will custom make a swimsuit which is my mission for the day.

despite the trips initial hiccups--missed planes, delayed flights, and sketchy shuttle drivers--life in costa rica has been wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Your brother looked quite handsome tonight as he and Jordyn and friends got together for the prom tonight! Once we get the photos on the computer we will try and send some.

Wondering how the custom swimsuit turned out, love you both, Mom & Matt.

Maryann said...

Custom swimsuit? That sounds awesome. I can't wait for the photos of the rafting and rain forest upon your return!