Saturday, May 2, 2009

still waiting to get to costa rica...

due to flight issues (and some memory issues on my behalf) we were stranded in portland for 8 hours yesterday. stranded is the wrong word however because alyssa and rowan rescued us from spending a day at PDX and allowed us a wonderful afternoon. replacing a day stuck at the airport with a day with our godson was a wonderful trade.

we then waited for our flight from PDX to DEN where we would connect to go on to costa rica. we waited and waited and that plane was 47 minutes late. therefore, we missed our flight to costa rica by 5 minutes. apparently they tried to hold the plane for us, but despite our best efforts and the incredible help of the folks at frontier airlines it just wasn't meant to be. we even ran down the tarmac! talk about stress on a vacation.

from there we caught a shuttle to comfort inn. on the drive there we got in touch with andrew who jumped in his car immediately and drove to our rescue. the shuttle driver dropped us off at the motel and we began walking across the street to hang out a restaurant until andrew arrived. this apparently was not kosher with the driver who followed us down the sidewalk, flashed his lights at us, and pulled up. he then proceeded to yell at us, calling us liars and the like for taking advantage of his shuttle then not staying at the motel. it was really heated, and frankly, a little scary. we managed to get him to bug off and headed across the street to the sanctuary of a "Flying J", where the clerks were super nice and let us hang out for 40 minutes. while waiting in the back tables our shuttle driver came in to get cigarettes, during which time we maintained a low profile to avoid further confrontation.

andrew rescued us from the tacky tee shirts, sugar-filled shelves, and deranged shuttle driver and brought us to yuppie-ville (aka: boulder, colorado). he let us crash on his couches and took us to the best breakfast i have ever had in my entire life--seriously, THE BEST! and now we are rearranging our plans with the folks in costa rica having much success with everyone and preparing for a new set of travel plans. for those of you who know itinerary, adjust the first four days by moving everything back one day.

oh how our adventure begins: wonderful time with rowan and alyssa, unexpectedly running into high school classmates in downtown portland, delayed flights and severe anxiety, a too late arrival in denver, a sketchy run-in with the driver, and then a final midnight rescue by andrew. who knew it would begin this way? the trip is bound to be interesting. fun, but interesting.

so yeah, we should be international travelers starting tomorrow. :)

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