Wednesday, July 15, 2009

whatcha got cookin'?

been making gluten-free goodness in the form of chocolate chocolate-chip with walnut cookies. these didn't last but a few days and were a great consolatory gift for a friend that is going through a rough break up.  nothing like cookies to mend one's heart.
brandon caught a huge salmon that we cooked up with rob & becky--so fresh and delicious!

mmm, doesn't that salmon look scrumptious there on our counter?  

and last, but certainly most important, was that sara "mia" was here!  she came and we kayaked and we biked and we kayaked some more.  it was one of the most fun weekends i have ever had--unfortunately we did little to document it.  she is so brave and always willing to try anything once so we capitalized on that and introduced here to four new ways to recreate.  


Sara Blodgett said...

Awe! It was a blessing to be with you for almost an entire week! I love the heck outa you!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic memory you guys made - jut hanging out and being friends!

Nice fish in the kitch!

Love you guys - Mom

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "just" !